Category: "Optics 101"

SDN Series: Enabling Secure IoT

December 1st, 2016
The enormous number of smart gadgets (from highly impacting to utter useless) conceived in recent years sprouting from the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, more »

SDN Series: Voyager ‘Found in Disaggregation Quadrant’

November 25th, 2016
Physical pooling of identical functional blocks or also called disaggregation to maximize the usage of resources has been prevalent inside datacenters. more »

SDN Series: Why and What is SDN?

November 11th, 2016
In today’s competitive digital business landscape, the IT infrastructure (either on-premise, off-premise or cloud-based) needs to quickly more »

Future Mobile and Cloud Convergence

April 27th, 2016
Before the mobile phones and World Wide Web revolution, it was the Star Trek Series that flung us to a world where tricorders would scan, analyze and provide real-time information about heath, environment and even Warp-drive propulsion systems. more »

What on Earth are CFP2-DCO & CFP2-ACO?

March 4th, 2016
Since 2015 coherent pluggable modules have been available in CFP MSA form-factor that specifies the power consumption to be less than 24W. more »