Category: "Optics 101"

Dispersion compensation

June 10th, 2014
Fiber dispersion is one of the most critical parameters that need to be considered for high speed transmission design. Dispersion typically varies with wavelength and accumulates along a fiber length. Therefore it is difficult to precisely compensate… more »

Chromatic dispersion- how does it limit the transmission distance?

May 28th, 2014
The maximum transmission distance is not only limited by the available power budget and fiber attenuation but also by fiber dispersion. Chromatic dispersion plays a critical role in the design of DWDM networks especially when considering bit rate of… more »

Optical power budget and transmission distance

May 16th, 2014
An optical transceiver typically comes with the value for an optical power budget. As the name implies, it defines the amount of optical power available for successfully transmitting signal over a distance of optical fiber. Ever wondered how optical… more »