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January 10th, 2017
LU-CIX with new Datacenter Portal for European data center businesses. more »

Why Passive Transport makes sense

August 30th, 2016
'Passive WDM Solutions' not only provide the simplest and lowest latency for data transport, they also deliver far higher reliability compared with active solutions. more »

SmallCell and DAS for Football

June 23rd, 2016
Data Traffic at EURO 2016 more »

Extend the reach of 100G LR4 – up to 40km

May 10th, 2016
Now it’s easy to reach extend LR4 100G - without the need of costly and complicated transponders. more »

Future Mobile and Cloud Convergence

April 27th, 2016
Before the mobile phones and World Wide Web revolution, it was the Star Trek Series that flung us to a world where tricorders would scan, analyze and provide real-time information about heath, environment and even Warp-drive propulsion systems. more »